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Why You Should Partner With U.S. Dropshipping Suppliers

June 14, 2021 0 comments

U.S. dropshipping suppliers

The dropshipping industry is constantly evolving and expanding in operation; thus, many drop shippers search for U.S. dropshipping suppliers to enhance quality and reduce their shipping times. In past times, most dropshippers have depended on overseas suppliers for their operations.  It is because China boasts of low wages, abundant labor, and massive manufacturing infrastructure. Although this is an effective system for manufacturing products at a low cost, it is not aligned with recent consumer behavior advancements.

Western consumers want to know where the origin of the products. Thus, they ask questions about the environmental impacts of the companies, wages, and labor conditions in the factories. People are now interested in convenience and sustainability than price, and it doesn't look like changing soon. Although foreign-made products align with the objectives of some businesses, several companies don't want to associate with Chinese-made products. This post will provide compelling reasons to deal with US dropshipping suppliers. However, you might be willing to source your goods overseas, but we want to show you why you shouldn't source from overseas but instead opt for US dropshipping suppliers.

Faster Shipping

The most obvious advantage of opting for US dropping suppliers is faster shipping of your packages. The reputation of this industry has been thrown in the mud because most people order products from overseas. Shipping products from China to the USA can take more than four weeks and even last for months for other countries. Consumers are expected to get their packages within days when they order from US dropshipping suppliers. When customers wait for more than one month for delivery, they will surely lose the confidence to continue patronizing the businesses. Also, long shipping times can result in chargebacks, order cancellations, and lower conversion rates. In simple terms, long delivery times can cause endless issues for your Dropshipping business.

Patronizing US dropshipping suppliers can eliminate most of these issues. Since most customers are based in America, their packages will be delivered at a much faster rate compared to international suppliers. Although shipping times come at a higher rate for customers based in other countries, the fact is that they offer more benefits than being ordered from China. The reason is that the USA has some of the most effective freight platforms in the world. Most dropshipping companies focus on North American suppliers to exploit these advantages.

Seamless Communication

Although a diverse workplace is believed to enhance a company's performance associated with its competitors, the fact is that you might not likely exploit the benefits of partnering with a manufacturer based overseas. Another thing is that the language barrier can make it challenging to communicate with the supplier. A small business owner must communicate effectively with their team and partners for seamless and smooth operation. The fact is that a complicated process can lead to miscommunications and more problems.

When you deal with an overseas supplier, you might be unlucky to find a few team members who can communicate in English. It implies that your communications with the dealer would need to be translated before they understand your points. You can imagine the bottlenecks and landmines involved, which can slow operations down considerably. Also, some countries like China limit communication channels; thus, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook are prohibited in China. However, there are ways to access these channels, and you will have to deal with more complexities.

Another thing is that China is 11 hours ahead of the US, implying that you will only have the opportunity to exchange a few messages in a day. It means that your order issues might take time before it is fixed. These cons are not ideal for a business looking for a positive customer experience.

Higher Product Quality

When sourcing for products overseas, you can't predict the type of product. You will only have access to a few photos of the goods, and if numerous sellers are providing the same product, you can't confirm the person who owns the original images. Some sellers prefer to put their business on hold for a short period and wait for the delivery of the samples, but most will skip this step to sell the products quickly.

As we stated earlier, goods shipped from overseas countries like China can take more than one month for delivery. It implies that you can sell the goods for an entire month before the customers start complaining about quality issues. It can lead to a plethora of negative reviews, dreaded chargebacks, and complaints. You wouldn't want to be in this position within a short time after starting your business. In short, ensure that you opt for higher product quality for the sustainability of your business. Business growth takes time, and you have to consider these factors.

Reliable and Transparent

The fact is that the supply chain is not as transparent as other sectors of dropshipping business. When you deal with an overseas supplier, you wouldn't know much about them. Also, it isn't easy to get information about a Chinese supplier because their data cannot be translated and doesn't come up on Google. You can only access what they want you to know.

The websites of most overseas suppliers are fundamental, and they don't have their personalized website. They might incorporate pictures from other dealers offering the same products. The truth is that it is frustrating navigating such a supply chain.

Provides Support for Small Businesses in North America

If you are not based in North America, this won't be relevant to you. However, if you are based here, ensure that you consider this factor. When you source goods to be dropshipped from other countries, note that you are developing the economy of other countries. It reduces job opportunities available in your base and results into more enormous implications later. Dropshipping from North American companies will translate to supporting small businesses located in this region.


There you have it! Above are some reasons why you should partner with U.S dropshipping supplier. Dropshipping suppliers across the United States offer several advantages over their contemporaries in other countries or regions. From fast shipping to seamless communication, quality and reliable products, transparent and prompt services, and so forth. By partnering with a reputable U.S. dropshipping supplier, you can watch your business grow beyond your imagination.

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