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As a leading provider of high-quality, profitable turnkey drop shipping websites, we help our clients to start their eCommerce journey and position their business for success.

We guide clients through the entire process – from selecting a profitable niche, finding suppliers, establishing their dropshipping website to optimizing their online store to help them reach customers from day one.

Our vision is to show new entrepreneurs worldwide that, with the right strategies and tools, they can make their business ideas come true with an online dropshipping business. From education to starting their business to reaching first customers, our mission is to help new entrepreneurs as much success as possible. 

Your success is our success, and each new client is our new teammate. Welcome to the My Business In A Box  Team!

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The My Business In A Box team is here for you!

About Us

If you are thinking of running a turnkey business that brings in a good stable income, you have found the perfect starting point right here, on this website. My Business In A Box delivers the most stunning, user-friendly, and engaging turnkey websites for sale by creating and enhancing solutions that make it possible for everyone including you to quickly and efficiently start, manage, and grow your very own drop shipping business.

At My Business In A Box, we all come to work every day simply because all we want to do is solve the biggest problem in dropshipping. Everyone is somehow just guessing. New entrepreneurs don’t know how to get started with selling products online without inventory. Brands and advertisers don’t know how to reach their target audience and how much to spend to attract and retain their attention. Retail dropshippers don’t know which niches and products are trending the most. My Business In A Box wants to make this often-hidden or unknown data available to as many people as possible, not just a few insiders. Most importantly, we truly and firmly believe that shopping is not a luxury, but a right. Therefore, we strive relentlessly to influence dropshipping retailers to sell the best products at the most affordable prices and expand their market base.

Since our inception, we have come a long way and know exactly which direction to take when delivering ready-to-go-live web stores and established turnkey websites for sale to you with pre-populated, premium-quality, and budget-friendly products from the best names in the world of dropshipping suppliers. Not only this, our teams of Shopify experts always keep a close eye on the most popular and latest product trends so that we can always help you sell better and more while visitors to your web store get the best in the world of online shopping. That’s why we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, and no wonder why we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this amazing dropshipping industry.

Our Mission

My Business In A Box aspires to continue its journey of being the best provider of pre made websites for sale and niche websites for sale. We aim to achieve this by believing passionately in excellent service and great bargains and this is exactly the reason why My Business In A Box is committed to offering you the best of both. We believe in nothing but only enhancing consumer experiences for both you and your clients. At My Business In A Box, we prefer to do the work instead of just talking about it!

We grow businesses by creating wonderful experiences that people love.

In today’s tech-savvy and cutthroat business environment, people embrace businesses offering the best and delighting customer experiences that best satisfy their requirements. My Business In A Box transforms businesses by developing and delivering these best-in-class experiences that are truly creative and based on years of experience and research in the segments of data, technology, and organizational strategies that are the hallmarks of operational excellence.

We simplify and streamline the otherwise-complicated processes of data collection, analysis, interpretation, and execution so that our esteemed clients can easily foster meaningful relationships with users. This user-centric, data-driven approach has made My Business In A Box the most trusted and admired agency in the world of ready made websites for sale and turnkey eCommerce websites for sale.

My Business In A Box works in close collaboration with clients and creates seamless user experiences across all physical, digital, and communications’ touch points. These unified and touching experiences result in a much more impactful, valuable, and consistent relationship with the user.

Find the right products

My Business In A Box helps you select the best products to drop ship from a rich and wide range of product categories from the most trusted dropshipping suppliers all over the world.

Onboard new suppliers in seconds

With a single click, you can add trending products to sell online with their eCommerce storefront. This includes but is not limited to products, images, prices, and descriptions. Find trending products to sell on Shopify and source best products to sell on WooCommerce. Get associated with new dropshipping suppliers easily and quickly — like never before!

No inventory risk

There are no upfront inventory costs — source and sell hundreds, thousands, and millions of products across different categories through a handpicked selection of the best dropshipping suppliers, and have the orders sent directly and securely to your customers.

Sell with ease

Fulfill your order with just a click! Shopify is synced with your dropshipping store and you can process them from anywhere, anytime!

Automatically increase margins

Pay for products after they are sold and showcase an unlimited assortment of the best products to sell without inventory with no budget constraints. Redefine pricing rules to markup products systematically and automatically include the cost of shipping in the retail cost to provide free shipping to your customers without it having any impact on your margins.

No cost of adding products to your site

Add hundreds and thousands of products to your eCommerce store with dropshipping. Add (trending products as well as evergreen products) to your store. Stand out from the rest!

Customize product details at your will

Change details of products to align with your brand philosophy and match the spirit of your dropshipping store. Go ahead and make unlimited changes including product titles, images, pricing, and descriptions — all before putting items to your store.


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