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Top 10 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

June 02, 2021 0 comments

increase ecommerce sales

Increasing online sales is one of the primary marketing strategies, but the problem is that competition gets stiffer. Customers can choose from many products on the internet, thereby allowing them to make an informed decision. The question is, "how can a brand stand out from others to boost sales"? We have compiled ten guidelines to make your brand attractive to consumers. These tips will help present your items in a more captivating way and target your ideal customers. Let us get down to the main business of the day!

Know Your Buyers' Persona

One of the significant steps is to reach your ideal audience and know their personality. Thus, ensure that you create a buyer persona and incorporate it into your marketing strategy. An excellent buyer persona should come with this information:

  • Who is your target audience? Information includes the customer's demographic profile, family situation, job, identifiers etc.
  • What kind of assistance can you render your buyer? In simple terms, what are their main and secondary goals and challenges?
  • What captivated them? What interest them when selecting your products and services?
  • How will you contact them? What are the appropriate platforms to reach them, and what are the best sales and marketing messages to use?

However, if you have a customized website, you can check your Google Analytics to build your buyer persona. It will provide information about your users' gender, age, profiles, and main interests.

Optimize Your Online Store

Investing in your personalized online store will enable you to directly contact your customer and get a plethora of essential information about them. A successful eCommerce site must be well-optimized and designed. Note that a complicated page that doesn't load faster will affect your conversions adversely. In contrast, a site with clear descriptions will facilitate the increase in the conversion rate. Ensure that you consider these key steps; SEM and SEO, User experience, and accessibility from mobile gadgets.

Set up Unique Landing Pages

Landing pages are critical for the success of an eCommerce brand. As the name implies, a landing page is the first page that visitors will see when they click on your website. The first step in creating effective landing pages is to find the appropriate structure. Thus, the clearer and more straightforward the landing page, the better. Ensure that you have a landing page dedicated for each of your top products, or create one landing page for each range of similar items. It is the best way to optimize your online marketing and analyze the activities.

Make It Easy For Your Customers

Users can get their products by staying in the comfort of their room. Therefore, if they encounter any challenges, they will possibly move on to another brand if they face any challenges. To avoid this problem, ensure that you follow these steps;

  • Have a simple purchase process: Generally, fewer clicks are better for the brand; however, ensure that you provide users with the information they require at each step.
  • Make a plethora of payment methods available: Users often have their favorite payment platforms, ensuring that you cover everything.
  • Avoid additional charges: Buyers often avoid platforms with additional charges. Ensure that you don't add this to your platform.
  • Low shipping costs: If possible, make shipping free
  • Good return policy: Keep your promises so that your client can trust you.
  • Fast Delivery: Ensure that you clearly state when your order will be delivered to the customer's base

Take Care of Your Image

Users like to go through high-quality, clear images; yours shouldn't be an exception. You have to understand that users can't touch or see your product; it is essential to provide visual information to guide them. Please take pictures of the items from different angles and upload them to your site. You can go further by adding product demonstrations and 3D videos.

Provide Added Value

Standing out from the crowd requires something extra. You can do a different thing via content creation. It helps boost your website's SEO positioning and visibility and positions you as a professional in the market. One of the most effective and common ways to perform this task is to disseminate content through numerous social channels via a brand blog. Develop the content plan and use different formats like image galleries, downloads, infographics, videos, etc.

Use Recommendations

Recommendations play an essential role when trying to boost sales online. Buyers trust other users compared to the brands. When creating your website, follow these two basic methods;

  • Include sharing buttons: Encouraging users to post information about your products on social platforms will boost your visitors.
  • Have recommendations and testimonials on your website: People's stories can inspire visitors to patronize your brand.

Exploit the Potentials of Email Marketing

Email Marketing facilitates the increase in eCommerce sales. Email is a personal and direct way to converse with your customers. These tips will help you make an informed decision.

  • Segment your database: Ensure that you have essential data about your subscribers and use their behavior to personalize communication with them.
  • Be responsive: Personalize your emails and ensure that your customers can access the information from all kinds of devices.
  • Create several buyer journeys via email marketing: After the activation of the subscription by the user, send them the first email that welcomes them to your content.

Use Social Advertisements to Promote Your Brand

Social ads are a captivating way to implement several sales strategies such as displaying a personalized product catalogue, remarketing, and attracting subscribers. Another benefit is that Social Ads comes with information about their audience, and you can exploit this information to start your campaigns.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Another useful and marketing trick is to inform the user that they don't have sufficient time to purchase a particular product or that you have limited stocks. Note that this is a popular copywriting strategy to encourage customers to take advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible.


A brand aims to make a profit, and this is not an easy thing to do due to the competition with other brands. For an ecommerce business, make use of these guidelines and take actions. The application of these tips will enable your customers to keep on coming to purchase your products.

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