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Shopify Expert Guide: How to Become a Shopify Expert in 2021

June 06, 2021 0 comments

Shopify expert

Shopify experts are professional and trusted Shopify networks that assist Shopify retailers in enhancing their online stores by offering high-quality and exceptional services. A Shopify Expert can specialize in several fields such as Content, Branding, Marketing and Sales, Store Setup and Development, and many more.

Notably, these experts could be freelance agencies specializing in Shopify and eCommerce, business consultants, app developers and themes, and Shopify web designers. People can reach out to them via their social media, websites, or freelance platforms like Shopify Experts Marketplace.

The fact is that it takes a lot of effort and time to become a Shopify Experts, especially when you have relevant skills and specific field knowledge. You have to do some things like boosting your business profile and developing your skills. Read on to find out some of the things you can do to become a Shopify expert in 2021.


Master Your Area

Becoming a Shopify expert requires that you master your area. Here’s what you need to do:

Strengthen and Reinforce Your Skills

In simple terms, you must be exceptional in your activities if you want to be referred to as an expert. Thus, you must have fundamental knowledge and skills associated with ecommerce, Shopify, and your specific field. For instance, a Shopify UX designer must know the essential factors required by an online store, assemble navigation bars, products or collections, etc., to create an excellent user experience.

Gain More Knowledge

Another thing is that learning never stops, and you must keep on learning new stuff to keep up with this evolving field. Ecommerce businesses change every day; thus, you must enhance your skills consistently and stay updated if you want to remain on top. You can learn at Shopify Academy and access tons of courses.

Also, you can use Shopify Compass to access tons of webinars, tutorials, and classes about store development, marketing, and ecommerce. You can obtain certificates by completing exams of some courses. Another way to learn is to join the discussion on Facebook groups and other ecommerce groups like Shopify Entrepreneurs, Shopify Partners, or Ecommerce Elite Mastermind.

Help Merchants

An expert is meant to assist people; therefore, ensure that you share your knowledge to sharpen and master your skills. Besides this, it is a fantastic way to build your profile as a reliable source of valuable information to Shopify retailers. You can assist merchants on large ecommerce forums, Shopify communities, and other platforms like Quora and Reddit. Also, regular posting of educational content can boost your ranking and show that you are an expert in the field, create opportunities to enhance your business. Common ways to assist merchants include promoting your YouTube channel or growing your blog, or you can hold webinars and produce courses.


Grow Your Portfolio

Asides from excelling at your work, it is essential to have a compelling and robust profile which is crucial to becoming a reputable Shopify Expert. The fact is that it takes much effort and time to enhance your reputation, but we know that your hard work will be worth it in the end.

Earn More Projects

Ensure that you source for clients and win more bids to have something you can display in the marketplace. There are several techniques to find suitable customers, such as;

  • Find Clients by Holding Webinars: Promote your brand, showcase your expertise, and meet business partners and potential clients.
  • Find Clients on Freelance Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork: The fact is that most people go to freelance platforms to hire content creators, developers, etc. Thus, you can find loads of clients on these platforms, and they have been certified by huge brands like Microsoft or Google.
  • Find Clients in Forums and Communities: Shopify retailers usually come to these groups to seek solutions and advice for their businesses. Most of them leave comments to assist them in fixing a problem; thus, you can use this opportunity to pitch your service.
  • Earn clients via partnership programs: Consider yourself fortunate if you join Shopify affiliate or partnership programs. You can earn more clients via your partners as they refer retailers to patronize you.
  • Win Several Businesses via Social Media like Facebook or LinkedIn: Social media platforms are great communication channels to promote your profile through these platforms.

Promote Your Brand

You have to put in work to ensure that merchants are aware of your services and brand. Note that they won’t be mindful if you don’t do the marketing and branding activities. It is why boosting your brand is essential to having an exceptional profile, which enables you to get the trust of partners, clients, and even Shopify. You can do the following:

  • Use Client Testimonials: These testimonials will showcase your work to the world and substantiate that you are reliable. They are actual proof of your fantastic skill and high-quality service.
  • Expand Your Business: Use social media to advertise your business; note that social media is a large base with a massive opportunity to link up with a bigger audience worldwide. Ensure that you select and invest in some channels that you trust will work better.
  • Educate Retailers Using Your Content: As discussed earlier, it boosts your image as a trusted brand with valuable information.
  • Use Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Research has shown that word-of-mouth remains a strategy influencing 20-50% of an individual’s purchasing decision. Thus, fostering and nurturing relationships with Shopify is a fantastic way to boost your brand awareness and get more customers.

Expand Service Offerings

You can improve your expertise and expand your business by showing people that you can perform exceptionally. Diversifying your services and products can help grow your clients’ base and also create opportunities to improve yourself in the right direction with new knowledge and skills.


It is not an easy process to master your desired craft and accumulate skills, experience, and knowledge with a determined mind. Note that there will be challenges and failures along the way, thus keeping growing, and I bet that it will be worth the effort in the end! Ensure that you apply these tips and grow to become a Shopify expert.

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