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Instagram Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

July 23, 2021 0 comments

Instagram Marketing

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for marketing e-commerce businesses. The platform is business-friendly due to its unique features of an enthusiastic user base, high engagement level, and high visual posts. Like Facebook, Instagram has evolved into a more advanced social media platform, not just for personal uses any longer but also for business purposes.

If you are looking to learn how to promote your business on Instagram, sit tight because, in this post, we'll keeping you updated on everything you need to know about Instagram marketing. First, you should know what Instagram marketing is all about.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing involves using Instagram to promote and grow your business, launch new products and connect with customers. With Instagram, you can create brand awareness and reach out to millions of people worldwide.

 Why Use Instagram for Marketing Your Business

Instagram has millions of active users with a diverse audience, and it's not unusual that many small businesses would want to take full advantage of that. According to research, here are few benefits of Instagram that would make you use the platform for marketing your business:

  • Up to 130million Instagram users engage in shopping posts monthly.
  • About 62% of Instagram users become increasingly interested in a product after viewing it on Insta stories.
  • Up to 11% of people in the US buy things on Instagram.
  • Up to 80% of users follow not less than one business profile.
  • A lot of people are satisfied with following brands as they discover new products easily.
  • Instagram enhances e-commerce businesses by offering ads that offer high engagement and facilitating the sales process.
  • The Instagram algorithm shows people personalized ads and content, which filters the audience and targets those most interested in your product.

How Do You Start Instagram Marketing?

You'll need a Creator or a Business account to start Instagram for marketing. You can start with a personal account then convert it to a business account. Here's how to create a business account:

  • Go to your profile section on the app and tap the upper right icon.
  • Choose "settings," then click on "account."
  • Click on "switch to professional account" and then tap "continue."
  • Choose your business category and click on "Done."

Now that you have a business account, you'll need to follow the prompts to optimize your profile for Instagram marketing.

Top Instagram Marketing Strategies

Here are Instagram marketing tips that you can use to promote your business:

Optimize Your Profile for Business

Optimizing your profile includes adding your contact bio, using an identifiable profile picture, and using descriptions with relevant keywords. You can use other features to optimize further your Instagram profile, such as adding clickable links and hashtags, embedding shop icons on your profile, and adding story highlights.

Make Use of Hashtags

Using hashtags on posts generally started with Twitter; however, they've become a part of Instagram for promoting posts. Using hashtags on phrases makes it clickable. These clickable phrases lead you to all posts tagged with the same hashtag when you click on them. Hence hashtags are one of the fastest ways for brands to expand their reach and for users to discover content.

There are various types of hashtags that you can you use to fully optimize hashtags, such as the branded hashtags which is unique to your brand, the general appeal hashtags which are generally used by diverse audiences, the contest hashtags which are used to promote contests, the niche-specific hashtags which are relevant to a target audience, and the timely hashtags which are used during special events, festivals and holidays. You can research the different hashtag types and know how the optimize them to establish your brand.

Create Unique Quality and Relevant Content

Some content gets more engagements than others; most Instagrammers are interested in seeing content like user-generated content, DIY's, product photos, how-tos content, motivational and promotional content. Creating one type of content can bore your viewers; besides, Instagram is centered on content- visual content. If you're using videos, keep it short as most mobile can't stick around for a long time and if you're using photos, make sure it's high quality. Note that content with brighter images attracts more people and performs better on Instagram.

Try Reels

One of the newest features on Instagram, Reels, is one of the easiest ways to reach a wider audience. Reels are usually in vertical format, and they have a 10-60 sec duration. Reels have higher chances to appear on explore page where even people who are not following you can see your content.

Create an Instagram Store

Instagram business accounts provide features for product stickers and tags, allowing you to tap on a product, leading to a site where you can purchase it. Websites like Shopify allow you to integrate your brand with your Instagram. It makes it easier for customers to click on a product, view the products and their reviews then purchase it.

Add Instagram Stories

Stories are short-term videos and photos with a 24-hour duration. They are an essential part of Instagram, and You can use them to market your brand. Be sure to give out your best sides, knowing that stories run faster than feed content. You can also turn Insta Stories into highlights. Highlights are on your profile page; you can add stories to them.

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Influences generally have a large follower base, and they can act as ambassadors for a brand. They can help promote your brand to their wide audience, which increases your brand awareness. If your business is new, getting an Instagram influencer becomes vital to get your brand out there. Some influencers charge higher than others; you could get one that suits your budget.

Run Contests

Contests generally bring good results as most people would love to participate. However, it's best to comply with Instagram contests regulations before starting a Contest. Contests on Instagram could vary from tagging friends and following your brand to photo contests and using contests software.

Try Instagram Ads and check Analytics.

Instagram ads help promote your brand by displaying ads on their feeds. It also allow people to buy products on the app. Analytics gives you information on your performance. Metrics such as the total number of impressions, profile visits, disengagement and, clicks. These analytics helps you know the areas that need improvement in your marketing strategy.


Instagram marketing is one of the fastest ways to promote your brand, whether it's still new or you want to gain a wider reach. The platform extensively supports e-commerce businesses; hence you should make full use of it and see how your business grows.

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