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How to Sell Services on Shopify: 8 Steps to Building a Store

June 25, 2021 0 comments


Many people are only aware of the utilization of Shopify for product-based ecommerce solutions. The fact is that this store integrates virtual products or services and physical items. Shopify helps boost your brand's ranking on the web page to reach higher revenue and sales and reach multitudes of customers.

Also, there are freelance platforms whereby you can promote your goods and services like Upwork; thus, you can set up your account and earn income as a freelancer on the platform. But what if you want to set up your website to make money? Or you intend to provide specialized online services and expand your business? The best thing is to consider the Shopify platform. Read on to find out how you can set up an excellent Shopify service store.

Decide On a Business Name

The selection of a business name is essential; however, ensure that you spend little time on it. Go for something simple and random. Also, you can add 'shop' or 'store' because you will need to opt for a domain name. The reason is that it is effortless to get a domain name when you have numerous words embedded in it. Come up with several brand name ideas and ensure that the name you later select isn't trademarked and comes with .com domain address. Dot com domains usually rank higher in the search engines, thereby making the professional brands opt for this domain extension.

Create Your Layout

Mastering design is an essential part of the process involved in creating a Shopify store. The way you present your business helps enhance trust with customers. The exciting thing is that Shopify has automated the process by assigning a default theme to your store. The theme always looks excellent; thus, you don't need to change it unless you are interested in customizing the theme to meet your requirements. A customized site can boost your brand but ensure that you carry out this task when launching the store for the first time. However, check out the best free Shopify themes such as Simple and Debut, allowing you to remove, rearrange, and edit them.

Create a Shopify Account

The olden times entails getting a server, uploading your ecommerce system, hiring someone for the customization task and paying the person to maintain the system. The process was time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive. Also, the result delivered an ineffective and slow website. The good thing is that Shopify has made this process very easy to do. You can create your account within a short time and can also carry out the server maintenance and setup. Visit the Shopify website and select 'start your free trial.' Afterwards, input the store name and create your store. Note that you have completed the first stage of setting up a Shopify account and can now do the business model.

Add Your Services as Products on Shopify

This first step is essential because it offers more comfort when you create your homepage, showing the central platform's services. You can include services on your platform as normal products, with images and descriptions. Follow these steps; products, add product, change the description, title, and add media. Showcase fantastic photos of your service and include a comprehensive description with great information to attract more people to patronize your services. Also, ensure that you deselect the section "This is a physical product" available in the "Shipping" section.

Using Third-Party Apps and Variants to Customize Your Service

For instance, if you sell courses, what are the total variants of lessons offered to your customers? When you open a spa service or hair salon, what time will you be available to attend to your customers? Also, what kind of services are you offering to them? There are several variants that you can probably include in your service. The exciting thing is that you efficiently manage and create these variants on Shopify. Another important element for a Shopify service business is flexibility. People prefer to go for unique things, and they might desire a diverse service capability.

For this reason, you must have a field or form to consider custom requests. Thus, installing an app is the appropriate solution. For instance, you can opt for Product Personalizer by Zepto to form boxes or add fields in the product descriptions for more requests.

Build a Compelling Homepage

Selling services on Shopify entails you having a persuasive homepage. Another thing is that it must be user-friendly and responsive, but the important thing is to show the value you can render to your customers by quickly checking through the homepage. Note that two elements help propel customers to patronize your brand, and they include; reviews or testimonials on the homepage. After perusing the introductions of your products or services, people will want to peruse some previous outcomes. These individuals want to know if it is great to patronize your service.

Get An Attractive 'About Us' Page

The reason is that the about us page is the right place that showcases your story. The page is a location that will enable you to add more details about your business to allow people to understand and learn your values and missions. Helpful images and text on the page are essential, but the addition of team members' images coupled with some brief information about them gives a friendly and natural feel to your store.

Check Your Store On Mobile

You have to understand that most internet users access shopping apps on their mobile gadgets, which implies that you must check the mobile version of your website. Also, ensure that you check the responsive looks and the loading speed as well. The fact is that you would like to exploit the opportunity of boosting your sales and expanding your customer base.


These eight steps of building a store to sell services on Shopify will help expand your business base and expand your store. Peruse this article and apply the strategies provided. With sales push and intense effort on your part, the possibilities are limitless.

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