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Facebook Ads for Shopify: 8 Top Shopify Facebook Ads Strategies for Your Ecommerce store

June 20, 2021 0 comments

Facebook has billions of active users that brands can exploit. Facebook Ads enable brands to increase awareness while accessing Messenger and Instagram users. Also, Facebook Ads help facilitate highly targeted promotional strategies based on behaviors, interactions, and user interests with your business. These make Facebook ads for Shopify an effective tool for every process involved in the sales funnel, from creating brand awareness to the conversion of leads into customers. Read on to discover some top Shopify Facebook Ads strategies for your ecommerce store.

Understand Detailed Targeting

The fact is that you have to target the right audience to make money on Facebook ads. Targeting the right audience is another essential thing that will determine your success in this task. You have to keep in mind that the Facebook ad platform is a process; thus, ensure that you insert precise information into Facebook to get better results. Therefore, what are the steps to take to target the right audience?

Understand your customer avatar: You answer some questions to build the customer avatar of your customer. The questions include; what is your avatar name? What tools do they use? Etc.

Optimize the power of audience insights resources on Facebook: Ensure that you use these tools to get more information about your audience

The Copy and the Creative

The ad copy is the main text you write to create a Facebook ad; creative entails the ad that you run as an entirety. Writing an ad copy varies from campaign to campaign and can be drafted in different formats. For the creative, ensure that it is very catchy to force someone to click on the ad on Facebook. You can use videos for products that require image ads and demonstration for products. Ensure that the first 5 seconds of the ad are fascinating. For image ads, use free resources like the canvas to design different things. The ad copy should look as if the person belongs to your target niche. Try to create various marketing angles and hooks for your product. Ensure that you highlight the product advantages instead of features.

Custom Audiences and Retargeting

Custom audiences are the individuals who have previously patronized your brand or found out about your offers. The fact is that many people don't purchase the products the first time they saw an ad. Ensure that you create custom audiences and reach out to these individuals again and again.

Types of Custom Audiences: It includes; engagement custom audiences, custom audiences from your website, and custom audiences from email list/customer list. Create a new audience by getting across to the audience's page set in the Facebook ads manager.

Lookalike Audiences

Facebook creates lookalike audiences based on previous information. Another fantastic thing is that you can create lookalike audiences from the information you have on Facebook like initiate checkout, add to cart, landing page views, 95% video views, etc. Also, value-based lookalikes can be created without manually accumulating a custom audience. You can create a lookalike audience for at least 100 custom audiences. Also, develop lookalikes and many custom audiences from these custom audiences. Ensure that you similarly treat a new lookalike audience as a new audience from comprehensive targeting.

Tag Your URLs with UTM Parameters

Understand that Facebook has its reporting strategies; also, Google Ads has a different strategy of reporting. Google Analytics works as the cleaning house for these two platforms. You need to evaluate the success of these platforms and use Google Analytics as the evaluation tool. You will be able to evaluate different numbers in Google analytics compared to other platforms. It doesn't imply that either is wrong, but because they attribute typically. There are several avenues and interactions to your platform on the path to acquiring for any customer. Google Analytics provides you this complete view, so ensure you tag your Facebook ads with these elements.

Know How to Read Your Data

You can make poor decisions about your budgets and ads by perusing the wrong metrics. We usually recommend two metrics like website sales and ROAS, when evaluation your ads. To evaluate the Facebook data, the customization of the columns is essential. But, other columns like total conversions or total goals are less important. We usually focus on 4X for ROAS, which follows a process. It takes extra effort to know the best strategy for your audience and to optimize each ad.

Select the Correct Optimization for Your Ads

Ensure that you select the correct goal for Facebook for the optimization of your ads. It doesn't follow the same procedure for all campaigns. Despite that you are involved in the ecommerce business, understand that not every ad is optimized for sales. Top of funnel ads optimization must be set for content views, while the further down ads should be optimized for sales. Ensure that you don't default to the same optimization for every ad launching on the platform. Just like you need to set a target for your audiences and have specific metrics for messaging, ensure that you use the same strategies for your campaigns.

Be Patient

You might not have probably considered this factor an advanced tip, but it is essential to having a productive Facebook marketing strategy. The fact is that you have to start the campaign by putting together strategies like a great audience and a great ad. Additionally, you have to create a reasonable budget to back it up. Understand that you won't grow without a significant budget. You can start with at least $50 per day; note that the ad will get lesser if you get good engagement and a good relevance score. Then, you can start optimizing from there. There is no universal rule to Facebook advertising; it is important to assemble these techniques and combine them into a cohesive strategy that offers an excellent experience for your potential clients.


These top Shopify Facebook ads strategies for your ecommerce store will enable you to boost your sales, nurture your customers, and ultimately take you to the next level in your ecommerce business. Ensure that you apply these strategies to get the full value for your money.

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