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8 Top Tips to Boost Organic Traffic on your Shopify Store

July 07, 2021 0 comments

8 Top Tips to Boost Organic Traffic on Your Shopify Store

Let us assume that you have set up your Shopify store and don't know how to boost organic traffic on your store effectively. Consider yourself fortunate because there are several powerful ways that you can increase your organic traffic with a few strategies. Another thing is that it is effortless to perform this task, and you could drastically boost organic traffic with a few simple solutions. Shopify boasts of over 55 million page visits and is regarded as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the market today. For several business owners worldwide, increasing Shopify growth and organic traffic has facilitated increased revenue and allows them to expand their operations massively.

Optimize Your Shopify Store for Speed

The first thing is to integrate a few strategies to enhance your Shopify store. For instance, opt for a simple design and a faster-loading, lighter website to help boost your ranking on Google search engines. The first step is using the search technique to attract more traffic. Some of these strategies entail using light themes, crisp and clear website content, and uninstalling applications that reduce your store's speed. These measures enhance customer experience and help you have access to more organic visitors. Asides from this, working on customer retention and using pad ads are other effective optimizations that will help facilitate the speed up of your site and enhance your business on search engines.

Use Multiple Sales Channels

Another strategy is to use multiple sales channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and other marketplace platforms like Amazon. Also, you can integrate more sales channels into the Shopify store interface. It includes social media accounts, point-of-sale channels, and other sales channels. When you integrate multiple sales channels into your Shopify store, it will enable you to have more chances of generating organic leads to your platform. Note that this is a fantastic time to start selling on multiple sales channels and build your brand's social media awareness.

Share and Produce Quality Content

Creating relevant, top-notch content on trending topics in your niche is an effective way to deliver value to your customers. Customers love to patronize Shopify stores that have exhaustive informational sources. For instance, someone selling hair care products should have information about the trending topics on hair guides or care. You have to understand that sharing this information will enhance your clients' trust and establish productive relationships with them.

Focus on your Search Engine Ranking

Irrespective of the richness of your content, it is only effective if your customers can access it. For the enhancement of your content's visibility, a great search engine ranking is essential. Achieving this goal entails running search engine optimization (SEO) on your platform, which is crucial for pushing your material to different platforms to be viewed and enjoyed by everyone. There are multiple ways to enhance your Shopify store and boost its rank on Google and other numerous search engines, including having an efficient theme that can be linked to other reputable sources and loads faster and making your content more accessible and user-friendly. These are effective ways to enhance the accessibility of your content, thereby offering your services to a larger audience.

Use Shopify Apps

Over 2000 apps on the Shopify App store can help enhance your online e-commerce store and improve the customers' value. These applications allow you to source additional information, capture emails, and conduct polls and surveys. The majority of these apps have features and tools that can help generate more organic traffic. Also, you can use Shopify apps to improve your store's SEO, add functionality and provide you with new options for themes. The opportunities are unlimited with Shopify apps as they feature SEO tweaks and optimization to enhance your online business's ranking and reach.

Review Your Store's Analytics and Data

The review of past sales analytics data will enable you to focus on attracting more traffic. Shopify does an incredible job of compiling essential data and critical stats for your online business. It can display sales, page visit duration, bounce rates, and much more. Also, you can understand statistics from multiple sales channels. Evaluating this information is a fantastic way to have more insight into your Shopify store, and the most effective way is to enhance your organic reach. For instance, if you discover specific sales platforms like Facebook outperforming others, you might focus your energies on this channel to drive more traffic to your online marketplace. The information available can enable you to have critical insights into areas that require performance forecasts and attention for the future.

Incorporate Email Marketing

Email campaigns are very beneficial in several ways. First, you can notify individuals of new updates or merchandise by conducting email marketing. You can also deliver unique content to help them when dealing with an issue. Also, you can initiate campaigns to get seasonal offers and have the opportunity to rescue abandoned carts and re-engage old customers. Another thing is that email marketing will help provide offers for people based on their preferences. For instance, you can email a male user in France to notify him about the availability of his favorite clothing item. The fundamental idea is that this strategy comes with fantastic features to make people keep coming back to your site.

Drive engagement with Giveaways and Contests

Creating effective social media engagement is a reliable and quick way to drive excitement with giveaways and content. You have to realize that running a social media contest implies that someone might follow or like you. It is an effective way of boosting your following and gaining entry and ensures that your content becomes well-known to more individuals. A popular method of obtaining entries to a giveaway or content is registering and entering the email address and name.


Boosting organic traffic to your Shopify store is simple, and you can effectively perform this task by using the strategies highlighted above. You can drive engagement with giveaways and contests, incorporate email marketing, review your store's data, and focus on search engine ranking. You're on your way to achieving spectacular successes by using these strategies.

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