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8 Essential Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Social Media

June 07, 2021 0 comments

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According to the most recent report, more than 3.96 billion people use social media worldwide to connect with one another, entertain themselves, share information, and engage with news content. With lots of active daily users, you can always take advantage of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to grow your business.

Furthermore, growing your business with social media requires creating highly shareable content that converts. Also, you can increase sales and engagement with innovative social media marketing campaigns. However, achieving desired results requires getting it right. If you intend to expand your ecommerce business with social media, you are on the right path. Read on to find out eight essential tips your brand can incorporate for its expansion.

Partner with Influencers

Having a robust partnership with influencers within your business sector is a fantastic way to boost your followers on several social platforms like Instagram. Individuals engage influencers because they like the content shared by them. Also, they build robust relationships with these followers because of the trust reposed on them.

When they share travel hacks, product recommendations, recipes, or other content, their followers are ready to take action, purchase, and learn more about the products or services. If you haven’t used this strategy, this is the time to work with influencers. First, narrow your options; also, deal with micro-influencers with small followers. Although they don’t have a massive audience, those audiences are loyal and will follow through with any content shared by the influencers.

Post Quality Contents Consistently

Another strategy is to grow your e-commerce brand is to post content consistently. Also, you can decide to post at intervals – daily, monthly, or quarterly. But ensure that you select a posting schedule and stay committed to it. Even if you are overwhelmed with this task, you don’t have to do this every time. Instead, download a scheduling tool to automate and schedule content across the platforms.

The benefit is that these tools will enable you to easily manage and assemble these platforms as they will allow you to batch your content. Ensure that you create time for yourself at the start of every month to plan and manage your content for a specific period. Also, you can create your actual posts weekly. A scheduling tool will enable you to have more time to execute other tasks; kindly consider these great scheduling tools: Hootsuite, Planoly, and Later.

Be Consistent with your Brand Theme

Ensure that you are using consistent fonts, colors, and templates on your social media platforms. It enables potential customers who come across your post to recognize that it is your brand irrespective of the platform and enhances brand awareness. The fact is that this is an easy thing to do; when you create the content for one platform, slightly change them so they will fit other platforms as well.

What’s more, this might imply creating a graphic for Instagram, adjusting the size slightly before making a version for Facebook. The brand’s theme entails your style, fonts, colors, and other visual elements that enable your brand to be distinctive from others. When you select your theme, ensure that it reflects your brand’s personality to reflect content that aligns with your mission as a business.

Allow Your Social Media to have the Deserved Attention

If you don’t spend much energy and time on social media, you will lose several benefits. It is pretty easy to get distracted and go unnoticed on these platforms if your social media accounts are not active and engage with the audience. You can avoid these issues by hiring a dedicated social media manager to do the job.

Avoid doing everything by yourself, as it is easy to prioritize other things and leave your social media to remain stagnant. Outsourcing this work will ensure that your social media functions optimally. Also, you can outsource your social media to a social media agency to get a team that can brainstorm ideas and focuses on expanding your customer base. You can consider these agencies; Sculpt, Lyfe Marketing, Ignite Social Media, Disruptive Advertising, and Sociallyin.

Save Time with Automation

Although social media is a fantastic tool, it usually takes a lot of time. A great way to reduce your time commitment is embedding automation into your technique. In several cases, you can do this by scheduling your posts. Also, you can use automation to boost your following via engagement marketing. Automate your social platform by using a platform to assist with analytics. However, social media platforms like Instagram will provide primary data and information if you register with a business account.

Nevertheless, you can get easily frustrated when you peruse this information. Instead, ensure that you use platforms such as; HypeAuditor, DashThis, and IconoSquare to use this information and develop it into easy-to-read reports. These data will enable you to see the aspects working well and other things that aren’t working for your brand on these platforms.

Monitor Your Social Media Pages

As a brand, ensure that you are polite and responsive when addressing messages and comments on your social media platform. When working on boosting your brand, you must respond to several comments and engage the audience. It implies that you are loyal to your followers and care about them. Although you need to invest more time and effort, you can assign someone to perform this task. You can outsource this activity to someone or hire an assistant who enjoys spending time on different social platforms. Train the individual always to post contents that align with your brand’s mission.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves getting involved in giveaways and contests. It is a fantastic way to boost your following and generate user-generated content (UGC). Before doing this, ensure that you set rules and goals. For instance, you can set rules that entrants have to follow you on social media platforms and tag a friend to follow you to win the contest. Another important thing is to ensure that you give away a product related to your industry or brand to target the right individuals.

Invest in Social Media Ads

The fact is that organic growth and traffic are slow; thus, when you are trying to generate several purchases in a certain period, it might not work. Conversely, investing in social media ads and paying heavily on growth can result in a high follower count. Before creating an ad, ensure that you measure the return on investment to make a significant gain. Understand the social media ad landscape for platforms such as; Instagram and Facebook.


There you have it! Above are eight tips that will help you get the best out of your social media strategy and ultimately grow your business. With several people depending on social media to purchase goods and services, your brand has to stand out from others. Always keep in mind that you want to target real followers who genuinely interest your brand and purchase your products and services.

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