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10 Top Tips To Boost Sales And Improve User Experience On Your Ecommerce/Shopify Store

June 26, 2021 0 comments

 boost your sales

Getting  your ecommerce store off the ground can be a huge challenge. This requires driving traffic to the store, stocking inventory, and laying the groundwork. After that, you need to get customers to purchase your products, and this is a different ballgame.

For several Shopify store owners, the main reason why they don't meet their revenue goals is that they don't follow their strategy diligently or they fail to develop a great strategy. The ecommerce marketplace is getting increasingly competitive and constantly evolving. Read on to find out ten proven tips to help you boost your sales and improve your conversion rates.

Leverage Opt-In Forms

Opt-in forms are essential to appeal to the visitor's interest and propel them to perform a task. One of the most popular types is a pop-up message that shows up when visitors click on the site link. As a Shopify owner, use this to organize giveaways like discounts to proper users to patronize your brand. Retailers use pop-ups in their store due to their effectiveness.

Typically, pop-ups boast a conversion rate amounting to around 3.1%, while the highest performing pop-ups have a conversion rate of about 9%. However, ensure that you understand the motive of the audience before integrating a pop-up into your page and don't include them across your entire platform.

Create Profit-Driven Email Drip Campaigns

For every penny invested in emails, expect a massive return of money. If you don't exploit the email marketing for your Shopify store, it implies that you aren't doing enough to make money. Email is one of the most cost-effective strategies to reach your customers. Facebook and Google algorithms change regularly, thereby adding to the ad costs. Based on their intent and behavior, you can segment your emails and visitors into the following features:

Emails: Lifecycle marketing, transactional, and promotional emails

Audience: Cart abandonment users, loyal customers, one-time users, and first-time users

Create different offers and copies for these segments. You can implement some email drip sequences for your Shopify store to include:

  • Updates about the company
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Post-purchase emails with upsells and recommended products
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Welcome emails

Email personalization is essential, and you should be cautious of the number of emails you send per week. Sending a plethora of emails might result in unsubscribing or find its way to the spam folder.

Set up Push Notifications to Boost Sales

Customers don't explore carts for several reasons, including; extra shipping costs, clunky checkout page, lengthy checkout, and a host of others. Nevertheless, setting up push notifications can propel the customers to click the carts section and peruse their purchases.

Push notifications may be an on-screen pop-up, a sound pop-up, or the integration of these features. Users can opt for their preferred method of push notifications. Asides from push notifications propel customers to check out; they also enhance the conversion rates of the users. It is an important feature, especially for new ecommerce stores.

Create a High-Converting Landing Page

A powerful landing page boosts conversions and enables your ecommerce store to reach growth goals. Nevertheless, most landing pages are ineffective for converting visitors due to several factors such as information overload, poor design, and a weak CTA. The fantastic news is that you can effectively build landing pages using the default designs. Your team can create compelling, beautiful pages with little or no coding features. However, they are expected to focus on some elements in the landing page, including; customer reviews, visually appealing images, engaging headlines, a straightforward call to action (CTA), etc.

Display Social Proof

I hope you are aware that most buying decisions start online? It is referred to as the research stage. The fact is that you check out restaurant or salon reviews online before opting for the service. Social proof shows people's perspectives about an action.

Social proof in the form of reviews or testimonials will help propel the customer's confidence about their choice to purchase the products from you. Also, you make them partake in something much bigger. Thus, share and display social proof that showcases real customers posting and using your product or service.

Start a Loyalty and Rewards Program

The deciding factor in selecting a brand is a robust connection. Additionally, Customer acquisition costs more than customer retention. Loyalty programs serve as incentives for returning customers to patronize the brand, especially if they get rewards for performing such activities. Most consumers state that an efficient customer loyalty program will enable them to keep patronizing a brand. A loyalty program can enhance sales and foster a robust relationship with customers.

Cross-Sell/Upsell with Product Recommendations

Customers may not be aware that they need a product until it is showcased to them. Asides from providing a user with several options, cross-sells and upsells are essential for business. Also, research has shown that product recommendations are responsible for 25% of an ecommerce store's revenue. Thus, ensure that you exploit this opportunity. Merchants usually provide recommendations on checkout and/or product pages.

Implement a Referral Program

People will likely purchase a product or service mainly when a loved one refers to it. Referral marketing works more because customers trust the opinion of genuine people compared to conventional forms of advertising. There are also instances whereby the person recommending the products gets a reward or a discount, thereby making everyone win. A referral program is not easy to manage for a massive ecommerce store unless you use a custom app.

Make Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram Shopper-Friendly

Social platforms have become an innovative tool for shoppers. Also, the introduction of advanced features like tags, links, checkout buttons, and swipe-up shopping has enhanced the visibility of your products to potential customers.

Also, ensure that your ecommerce store has a dedicated Facebook or Instagram business page. This is because there are millions of daily active users on these social media platforms. Thus, ensure that your products are available on these platforms to make shopping easier and enable you to promote products directly on social media.

Offer Live Chat

Offering live chat on all product pages is an effective way to fast-track purchasing products and providing customers support. Before, users have to send an email or use the FAQs section to get clarifications; however, live chat accelerates this process and gives them instant gratification. Another exciting thing is that you can automate responses for the customers 24/7.


These ten tips will boost sales massively and expand your customer base. Apply these tips to your ecommerce or Shopify store and see the positive outcomes. boost your revenue, sell smarter with a few simple tweaks!

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