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10 Important Things to Know about Ecommerce Customer Experience Post COVID-19

June 03, 2021 0 comments

Customer Experience

COVID-19 is having a massive impact on our lifestyles. The fact is that COVID-19 has one way or the other affected our livelihood, mental and physical health, and the way we do business. In the online business or ecommerce world, customer interaction with ecommerce stores has changed. However, one thing that remains constant is the need for ecommerce businesses to deliver outstanding customer experience.

Furthermore, a lot of business are gradually transitioning online and taking advantage of ecommerce. In order to succeed, you need to do the right things. From reaching your target audience to email marketing, generating leads, and selling quality products, all your endeavors must be focused on providing the best customer experience. How do you do this as the world tries to get back to normal? Continue reading to discover some important things about ecommerce customer experience post COVID-19.

Pre-Purchase Ecommerce Customer Experience

The customer experience starts well before someone patronizes the brand. As stated earlier, it begins as soon as an individual comes across your brand. Everything that happens afterwards between the person and your brand is considered to be a customer experience. Thus, ensure that you feel this thoroughly and appropriately. If the only thing that the customer doesn't know much about you, this means that something is wrong.

However, boosting your brand's value will enable you to stand a fantastic chance of converting them. It leads us to the question; how do you engage and attract these online users? The simple answer is information. The pre-purchase experience should provide answers to some essential questions like; what are my options? What will I gain? What does your brand provide? While there are several effective ways to deliver these details to online users, ensure that you identify the strategy that works better for your audience.

Purchasing and Shopping Ecommerce Customer Experience

The ecommerce customer experience encompasses the time when the customers made actual purchases. Thus, ensure that your newly-converted customers are kept abreast of any development, thereby convincing them to purchase the product. The potential customer will require certain information such as; company/brand policy, transactional policies, availability, pricing, and product specs. These details can be the deciding factor in purchasing the product. Also, it would be best if you delivered laser-targeted value and offers for your potential customers. Having cross-sell and upsell offers can enable your prospects to get the total value for their money.

Post-Purchase Ecommerce Customer Experience

After a customer has purchased the item, you might think that your work has been completed. But, the fact is that you haven't done anything yet. Instead of rejoicing that you have converted another prospect, you should be engaged in keeping your new customer and ensuring that they come back to patronize your brand. Overall, your goal should be to push your customers to continue purchasing more and patronizing your company regularly. To achieve this, you need to stay in touch with your customers by delivering updates, promotional offers, and announcements, developing events, programs, and other initiatives, and soliciting feedback from your dissatisfied and satisfied customers.

Intelligent Search

Note that site search is the fundamental element for building conversion for both new and returning customers. Customers prefer to opt for a platform that gives the exact thing; thus, they want to see comprehensive product information, updated information, and relevant suggestions. A semantic, intelligent search considers everything to influence the decision of the clients. Tailored, intuitive search capabilities are critical for the delivery of an excellent customer experience.

A Personalized Experience

Covid-19 has influenced the decisions of people and changed their attitudes towards shopping. Consumers will probably seek for personalized experience before making a purchase. While personalization is an exciting prospect, most brands haven't gotten the best way to utilize the system.

Artificial Intelligence technology can help businesses to target and embed personalization into their digital strategy. It helps drive a tailored and relevant experience for the customer. For instance, products can be listed on the platform based on top business priorities and customer-driven performance information. Machine learning capabilities imply that retailers can respond quickly to external factors and changes in customer behavior.

The Role of Mobile

How mobile comes into the conversation is an essential consideration. Most businesses have used the device as an order entry tool; however, user experience has become the critical determinant, and the mobile experience becomes more critical. When a customer visits a store, facility, or factory, the question that should be running through the retailer's mind is "what problem can they solve"?

Rich Content and Information

The pandemic has brought about the transfer of information via online platforms. Thus, information on product availability increased as an essential requirement for consumers. The provision of accurate information such as stock levels and product details, pricing clarity can facilitate the enhancement of ecommerce customer experience. Asides from that content clarify product questions, it must inspire the user as well.

Flexible Purchase

Customer experience can fail due to a lack of flexibility in delivery and purchase options. Thus, a brand should enable several payment platforms in their brand. Customers will have excellent experience purchasing products and won't suffer before making a purchase. Seamless delivery options and flexible purchase is essential for a fantastic customer experience, especially in this Covid season.

A Trustworthy Website

Websites are the platform that propels your brand to the world. Build a new functional platform and optimize your page to convert individuals into paying customers. COVID-19 has led to the massive use of the internet, thereby increasing the number of visitors.

If your customer trusts your website, they will patronize your brand. During this season, awareness strategies are more important than sales efficiency. The more individuals visiting your site, the better. Ensure that you build a website with an exciting marketing strategy. The best way to boost your brand is to use social media and tell your stories on Twitter and Instagram.

Speed and Transparency

Dealing with the delivery of items yourself will enable you to promote your brand to your customer. All simple stuff helps ease customer concern, thereby leading to a more fantastic customer experience. Handling these tasks yourself will score you an extra point with the post-COVID consumer. Overall, endeavor to strike a perfect balance between safety and timeliness to develop an effective delivery system.


There you have it! Above are some important things to know about ecommerce customer experience post COVID-19. Having a great customer experience is essential for the growth of your brand. Ensure that you follow the processes stated above to boost your customer base.

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