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10 Home Business Ideas That Let You Work From Home

July 23, 2021 0 comments

Work From Home

As the pandemic runs its course worldwide, it's no news that the unemployment rate would continue to fluctuate. Rather than remaining static because you don't have a real job, you should know that are a lot more ways to earn money even while you are home. Besides, you won't have to go through the challenge of managing staff, renting a commercial building, or even driving to the office daily.

As more people venture into home businesses, home-based lucrative business ideas have begun to pop up. These ideas are easier to effect due to the flexibility that technology offers us. However, there are various home-based businesses; some are done online, while others may require you to use a spare room in your home. You can run a home-based business s a side hustle or a full-time job; if you are looking for home-based business ideas to keep you busy, here are the pros and cons of home-based businesses alongside lucrative ideas you can venture into.


  • Work is flexible.
  • Lower overhead costs.
  • Family and partners can help out.


  • Converting a room in the house can disruption in house routines.
  • You must comply with the regulations of the business.
  • You may still need to rent extra space when your business outgrows your home.

Ten Home Business Ideas That Let You Work From Home

Here are some business ideas that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home:

Provide Online Services

It's relatively easier to sell services than products from your home. From your home, you can offer various online services such as freelancing, graphic designer, house cleaning, virtual assistance, etc., to big and small clients, including companies. You may need to do it remotely for some services, while for others, the client books you, and you provide the service directly. Unlike product-based businesses, you don't necessarily need many customers to offer a service; service-based businesses work more with referrals and networking.

Buy and Sell Products Online

A lot of businesses are generally into buying and selling to make profits. If you've stumbled upon unique products you know have high market demand, you can buy them in large quantities and sell them online. This business is particularly easy to operate if the products can be stored and shipped without any hassles. Apart from selling online, you can sell locally from your home, which helps you generate more sales.

Start Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a solid idea, especially if you are not cut out for keeping inventories and shipping products. Dropshopping generally involves having a third party (dropshipping supplier) control the business process, such as producing, storing, packaging, and shipping to your customers. The third party could be overseas or a local supplier; you only have to market the product and bring the customer while the third party handles the rest.

However, you should know that one of the biggest challenges with dropshipping is getting a reputable and reliable supplier. An unreliable supplier can affect your business reputation, but good suppliers can enhance your customers' experience. You can find suppliers to import products to your online store on apps like Oberlo.

Sell Homemade/Handmade Items

Do you know you can make money from doing what you love? If you love making things, whether it's baking, handcrafted products, or even intangible products, you can make it a business. Whether you produce the items in a different location or not, you can store them in your home and sell them on online stores or your branded storefront. You can control the cost of creating the products and make lots of profits since you control the production process. Plus, you generate more sales since you can tailor the products you create to a particular target market. However, you should fulfill the conditions required for products, especially food and skin products.

Teach Courses Online

Teaching online is also a service-based business you can do from your home. If you have knowledge in a certain course, you can share it and get paid for sharing. There's a target market for almost every skill, even its parenting skills, life hacks, or basic languages. You can consider mentoring smaller groups of students if you prefer smaller class sizes. If you are not interested in teaching directly, you could create a downloadable course and sell it online. Whichever one works for you, you can earn a living from teaching and selling courses online.

Create and Sell Digital Products

Rather than making money only from offering services online, you can also convert these services into digital products that people would pay for. Make money from your skills by productizing them and selling them to target customers online. Examples of services that you can convert into digital products are designs, templates, courses, photos, eBooks, reports, journals, etc.

Sell Print-on-Demand Products

One of the most flexible home-based businesses is the print-on-demand business. You get to create customized designs on products for end consumers. Products you customize can range from clothing items and footwear to accessories depending on target market demand. If you're not too good with designing, you can hire a creative designer for the business.

Offer a Pet Care Service

Love pets? Why not make money from your passion by taking care of other people's pets and get paid for it. Many people are looking for a place to drop their pets while they leave home, you can offer pet care services for them, plus you get to do it from your home.

Monetize Social Media Platforms

If you have a blog or large following on your social media accounts, you can use these advantages to your benefit. Create good content to increase your follower base and monetize by promoting the home-based ideas we've listed to your large follower base. Plus, you can monetize your blog and social media accounts through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. However, this home-based business idea requires consistency, patience, and time so if you are looking for a faster business, you may want to try other options we've listed. 

Buy An E-commerce Store

Consider buying an already existing e-commerce store if you are looking to invest in a booming business. There are factors that can affect the prices of the e-commerce store, such as profit potential, total revenue, assets, and inventory. There are online marketplaces such as Black Business In A Box, where you can buy e-commerce stores based on your budget and needs. However, check each listing carefully before making any purchase; you can verify any data through Shopify.


There you have it! Above are some home business ideas that let you work from home. Starting a home-based business depends on what works for you. You may consider factors like your home size, capital base, goals, and passion before starting a home-based business. The most important thing is to ensure that you enjoy what you do and its returns are okay with you.

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